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Faglighed, Fællesskab, Nysgerrighed, Handlekraft


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Egaa Gymnasium is actively involved in various international cooperative efforts. We are a member of the UNESCO network and participate in their subsidiary programs: Transatlantic Slave Trade, Baltic Sea Project and World Heritage. 

As of the 2011-12 school year, we also offer a course of studies known as I-Class (http://www.egaa-gym.dk/internationalt/i-class/) which includes a number of subjects (such as Social Studies, Religion and Biology) taught entirely in English. This allows for even greater opportunities for international projects with our growing network of partner schools across the globe with whom we cooperate on specific educational projects for the mutual benefit of our students and faculties. Our students even have the opportunity to participate in an individual student exchange at a number of our partner schools, and we also visit some of these institutions on longer educational trips. 

At present we have partner schools in Tanzania, France, the United States of America, Germany, Mexico, England and Spain. Of course we are always open to further partner school initiatives, so if you would like to hear more about our school and/or are interested in becoming a partner school, please contact our Director of International Relations, Kirsten Skov, at ks(at)egaa-gym.dk.