Faglighed, Fællesskab, Nysgerrighed, Handlekraft

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Faglighed, Fællesskab, Nysgerrighed, Handlekraft


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Egaa Gymnasium offers a 3-year course of studies which prepares our students for further studies at the university level in Denmark or abroad. In Danish secondary schools, subjects are taught on three different levels depending on how many years of study are involved. Three-year subjects are known as “A-level” subjects, two-year subjects are labeled “B-level,” and one-year subjects are known as “C-level” subjects. In Denmark, each course of studies at the secondary level consists of individually selected major and minor subjects, as well as required obligatory courses, such as Danish, History, Physical Education, Religion and Classical Studies.

We are proud to offer numerous courses of study which provide ample enrichment possibilities in e.g. The Arts and Language Arts, the Social Sciences and/or the Natural Sciences. A typical course of study may involve, for example, Social Studies A-level, Mathematics A-level and Physics B-level or Music A-level, English A-level and Drama C-level.

All of our students take Danish, English, and a second foreign language (Spanish, French, German or Chinese), and also receive an introduction to Latin via an Introduction to Linguistics class. We also offer a wide selection of elective classes such as Information Technology, Innovation, Music, Philosophy, Art, Business Economics, Psychology, Media Studies, Chinese Area Studies, Latin, and Drama.

Students typically have four scheduled classes per day from 8:15 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. organized in blocks of 90 minutes. For more about the upper secondary educational system in Denmark, click here: eng.uvm.dk/Education/Upper-Secondary-Education/Four-Upper-Secondary-Education-Programmes-in-Denmark