Faglighed, Fællesskab, Nysgerrighed, Handlekraft

Egaa Gymnasium

Faglighed, Fællesskab, Nysgerrighed, Handlekraft


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Egaa Gymnasium offers a little something for everyone in the form of various student clubs, extra-curricular activities and school-sponsored and supported initiatives to provide additional enrichment for our students. For example, Egaa Gymnasium actively supports our students’ interest in participating in nation-wide competitions such as “Science Cup,” “Samf-Cup” (a competition for extra enrichment in the Social Sciences) and the “Foreign Language Olympics” (for students taking Spanish, French or German as their second language).

Participation in nation-wide mathematics competitions is encouraged, and we offer a voluntary Study Café twice a week to provide students with extra help in a variety of subjects. We support music and the arts through our choir programs, including our ambitious Vocal Ensemble and cooperative efforts with professional choirs and orchestras in Denmark such as the National Vocal Ensemble (DR’s Vokalensemble), and via extra enrichment programs in the visual arts.

Every other year our school puts on a musical involving the cooperative efforts of drama, art, music, media studies and physical education teachers and students. The result is an entertaining, high-quality performance which always attracts the attention of the local media! Student bands are so lucky as to be able to book a private studio to practice their music. Students can also participate in the “Egå Cup” to defend their classes’ honor against the rest of the school in a school-sponsored soccer competition. Local and nation-wide competitions in other sports, such as handball, are also actively supported. There’s even an English Book Club! The possibilities are virtually limitless, and our selection of extra-curricular activities varies from year to year based on student interest.